Copper Is The Best Choice For Building Steeples
A steeple is generally related to a religious structure such as a church or cathedral. They are often built large and tall, in order to give off an impressive feel to the passerby. Some of the world’s most beautiful buildings contain steeples, such as The Steeple of Celebration Church in Kingston, New York, the Norwich Cathedral in Norfolk, England and the Mainz Cathedral in Germany. However, when it comes to selecting the proper materials to build a beautiful steeple, copper is the best choice.
As most cathedrals and churches are built to last for years, copper is the most logical choice when selecting materials for steeples. Copper has a life span of up to 100 years and some of Canada’s most important buildings have selected copper in their construction. The Parliament Buildings, for example, use copper in their roofing, which is a testimony to the material and it’s durability. Copper can withstand the harsh Canadian climate including toxic rain, heavy snow, hail and intense heat. This characteristic alone makes it far superior to other building materials such as steel. In addition, copper contains properties such as algaecide and fungicide that will break down damaging elements such as moss and rot from leaves. A galvanized coating will also further protect your steeple from rust and other factors, like pigeons and the mess they tend to leave behind.
Copper has the extra benefit of starting out in a shiny bronze hue and slowly develops into a dignified and respectable blue-green patina. This color adds the perfect touch to any building’s steeple. Just as the Parliament Buildings demonstrate, this patina adds a classic look that will always be in style. Copper also adds the additional benefit of adding attractive and decorative finials to your structure.
Copper proves to be a great investment for several reasons. First, as it is the most durable material, it will not need to be repaired or replaced for years. In addition, copper reflects light, rather then absorbs heat. This will ultimately cut down cooling costs in the summer, which can be quite substantial in large buildings.
By choosing copper, you can also remain confident that you are selecting the greener option, as not just in color. Today, copper is being by more architects and builders as it is an eco-friendly material. It is a sustainable resource and also recyclable.
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